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Highly scented jar candles in three sizes; triple scented; soy wax blend.
Jar Candles in Three Sizes

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Flower Scented Candles

Spicy Scented Candles

Fresh & Woodsy Scented Candles

Fruit & Food Scented Candles

Aromatherapy Candles

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Strongly scented candles in three sizes; Angel Wings fragrance.
Angel Wings "triple scented" candles.

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Highly Scented Candles

Desert Sonlight's candles are highly scented, hand poured in glass jars, with a modern soy/paraffin wax blend. The fragrance content of our candles is such that our candles are more than 'triple scented'. We maximize the fragrance content of our candles so that the scent of each candle will fill your room - and more! They stay strongly scented - even to the end of the burn at the bottom of the jar! If you are looking for a 'highly scented', 'richly scented', 'strongly scented' soy-type candle in a container, this is it: Desert Sonlight candles. We've been hand pouring the finest jar candles in over 50 fragrances, in three popular sizes, for over 20 years. (And our candles work great in warmers.)

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Our candles are available in three container sizes:

  • "Small" / 9 Oz Candle
    - Price $9.95

  • "Medium" / 16 Oz
    'Glass Top' - Price $15.95

  • "Large" / 24 Oz
    'Glass Top' - Price $21.95
Highly scented jar candles in three sizes; triple scented; soy wax blend.
Jar Candles in Three Sizes
Medium - Large - Small

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What Makes a Quality Candle?

A quality wax; premium fragrance oils throughout the entire candle; a properly sized wick; resulting in a candle that burns all the wax - no tunneling and a strong fragrance! We test every candle fragrance to be sure it burns properly and that the fragrance is - and stays - strong and true.

We at Desert Sonlight use a "blend" of soy & paraffin waxes because a pure, 100% soy wax does not burn easily and does not "throw" or diffuse the fragrance well. The blend of soy and paraffin gives us the best of both worlds. Any candle labeled as "soy" must be at least (only) 51% soy wax as allowed by our industry standards. Only candles marked "100% Soy" are truly pure soy wax.

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Specialty and Seasonal Candles

We have Aromatherapy candles; a Deodorizer candle; Christmas and Seasonal and many more highly scented soy candles. Our current candle fragrances are listed on the on-line order page and, again, on our printable mail-order/FAX page. 

Learn more about us, our candles, and this website on the "About Our Candles" page. You can read about and order all of our candles from the home pages for our major candle categories: flowers/floral scents, spicy scents, fruit and food scents, and outdoor/fresh scents. 

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Cost-effective Jar Candles

You receive real value for your money with our strongly scented candles. Our candles come in 3 sizes, are are highly scented, burn all the wax, and burn cleanly to the bottom of the jar. The scents are accurate and remain strong to the end of the burn. And they do not 'change scent' during the burn. Our "Small" candle gives the most variety for the money; the "Large" candle gives the most wax volume/scent for the money. Our "Medium" candles are a good compromise between a larger amount of wax and a variety of smaller candles. If you use a candle warmer, our candles fit securely on most warmers, and they work great. Our customers have reported that the Small candle can last 2 months or more on a warmer with regular use and is adequate to scent a small to medium office. If the candle is to be used only on a warmer, you may pull out the wicks to prevent them from being lit.

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Reduced Shipping Charges

On orders over $80.

We can (and do) ship to overseas addresses (including HI and AK) and to Canada. In these cases, extra postage will be required. After we receive your order, we will figure the best shipping method and the related charges, and email you with extra charges needed to complete the shipment. Shipping is via Postal Service Priority Mail or UPS Ground to Canada. Delivery time is usually about 5 to 10 days. And there may be extra customs or entry duty charges as well. (If you should wish to cancel your order before we ship it, we will refund your entire payment.)

We use the PayPal shopping cart system. Thanks for stopping by!

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Flower Scented Candles

Candle Categories

Our richly scented 'flower scented' candles

like Antique Rose, Gardenia, Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom, Plumeria and more will delight your senses.

Desert SonLight's flower scented candles bring the fragrances of fresh spring and summer flowers into you home. They're so good that at outdoor arts and crafts shows, we sometimes have a friendly bee buzzing around trying to find the flowers.

Spicy Scented Candles

Our spicy scented candle

fragrances are enjoyed the year around. They're an excellent addition to the kitchen or dining room. Not real sweet. But really good! 

Fresh & Woodsy Scented Candles

Fresh & Woodsy Scented Candles

are very popular. These fresh, clean fragrances are enjoyed the year around. Bring a little 'outdoors' to the indoors. And our "Spa Scents" are great - Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Sunburst. "Evergreen" or "Piñon Pine" is excellent for the scent of the great outdoors. And "Mountain Fir" is a deep woods blend of fir and cedar.

Our 'deodorizer' candle is unique in truly clearing the air of odors and smoke.

Fruit & Food Scented Candles

Fruit and Food Scented Candles

offer a warm welcome as their delicious scents waft through your home. Our fruit and food scented candles are very popular the year round. These fruit and food scented candle fragrances are sweet, spicy, yummy, fresh baked, mouth watering and delicious. These smell GOOD! It's hard to be descriptive of these common scents. Suffice it to say, they are popular because they are great.

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