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Our three jar candle sizes: "Medium Glass Top", "Large Glass Top", and "Small" candles.

Food and Fruit scents are delicious and yummy!

Food and Fruit Scented Jar Candles

Delicious Food and Fruit Scented Candles are very popular the year around. These fruit and food scented candle fragrances are sweet, yummy, fresh baked, a little spicy, mouth watering and delicious. Many are extra-tasty 'dessert' candles such as Oatmeal Cookie, Chocolate and Cappuccino Coffee. These smell GOOD! It's hard to be descriptive of these common scents because they smell like the real thing! Suffice it to say, they are popular because they are great!

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Our Food and Fruit scented candles are available in all three container sizes (except 'Buttered Popcorn'):

  • "Small" / 9 Oz Candle - Price $9.95
  • "Medium" / 16 Oz 'Glass Top' - Price $15.95
  • "Large" / 24 Oz 'Glass Top' Jar - Price $21.95
Click on the candle name in the list to go to a page with photos and order buttons for that particular candle fragrance. Our current selection of food and fruit fragrances includes:
  • Blueberry Muffin
    Blueberries baked in muffins

  • Cappuccino
    Fresh brewed, Cappuccino coffee - great with 'dessert'.

  • Carrot Cake
    Smells like fresh baked - and with sour cream frosting!

  • Chocolate
    Oh is this good! A must for choco-holics. Decadent! Smells like brownies baking - and more!

  • Cinnamon
    Hot and very cinnamon-y. This is a good, strong, 'hot' cinnamon.

  • Cinnamon Apple
    Apple with Cinnamon - Spicy Apple.

  • Coconut-Lime
    A refreshing coconut scent with a splash of lime.

  • Deodorizer
    Not a 'food' scent for sure, but if you cook with fish, garlic, etc., this candle will clear and freshen the air when dinner is done. Fresh scented, this one "devours" odors: food, pet, smoke. Our customers really love this one - because it really works!

  • Gingerbread
    Fresh, hot Gingerbread!

  • Hazelnut
    Warm, nutty fragrance

  • Irish Mocha
    Good strong coffee with a hint of chocolate.

  • Oatmeal Cookie
    Fresh baked as well. Our granddaughter says "Yum-yum!"

  • Pumpkin Spice
    Not Availalble

  • Sugar Cookie
    The delicious, mouth-watering fragrance of hot, fresh-baked sugar cookies, ready to sample!

  • Vanilla
    True vanilla - A Classic fragrance

Scented Candles With Fruit Fragrances Are Always Welcome

  • Cucumber Melon
    Fresh, not sweet, a hint of honeydew.

  • Luscious Pear
    Subtly sweet with a hint of spices. A luscious, spicy pear.

  • Very Peachy
    A delicious, juicy peach. Think 'peaches and cream'!

  • Pineapple-Mango
    Sweet and Juicy! Think Hawaii!

  • Pink Grapefruit
    Tart and tangy. An excellent grapefruit!

  • Queen Anne
    Tangy Cherry and Almond.

  • Sunburst
    Lemongrass essential oil - citrisy and energizing. Verrrry Lemon-y!

  • Victorian
    A mulberry blend - with cinnamon and vanilla; very popular!

Our scented jar candle in food and fruit fragrances can give a light, fresh fruity scent to your room, house or workplace. Try Sunburst, Country Apple or Cucumber Melon in the office. For "baking" try Chocolate or any of the 'baked goods' scents in the kitchen. Try a couple of our food and fruit scents - they are yummy!

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